DS-HPCALC is a project to port the Nonpareil calculator emulators, originally written by Eric Smith, to the Nintendo DS Lite.

In accordance with Eric's original license, these calculator-emulators are made available under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's General Public License, Version 2 (specifically). There is NO WARRANTY for any of these programs.

ds16c HP11C.NDS emulates the Hewlett Packard HP-11C, a fully programmable, scientific calculator with persistent memory
ds16c HP16C.NDS emulates the Hewlett Packard HP-16C, a fully programmable, programmers calculator with persistent memory.

The first time you "turn the calculator on" it will display "Pr Error". This is normal behaviour and indicates that the persistent memory has not been initialised yet. The calculators maintains their persistent memory in a file on your loader. Memory is only written to the file when the power button on the calculator is pressed to turn the calculator "virtually" off.


Binaries and full source-code is available for download at the SourceForge project page - the source code may also be browsed in the SVN repository.

Supported Loaders

The calculators were built with the devkitPro r21 and use libfat to implement the calculators persistent memory. Only you know if you need to dldi or not. I test the calculators on the loaders that I own:

If any of the loader manufacturers want me to test against their hardware, they should feel free to send me one.


NONPAREIL All of the intelligence in the calculator emulator was written by Eric Smith. All I did was port his very portable code.
Most of the underpinnings of the calculators is provided by the Woopsi User Interface library, which can also be found on SourceForge. Logo Thanks go to SourceForge for their support of open source programmers, their provision of such a valuable resource and their speedy response to all my queries.